6 July 2021 

Fife College has invested over £400,000 on a range of equipment to allow manufacturing students to learn more about the latest techniques being used in the industry.

The new equipment was purchased from German automation company Festo, the world's leading supplier of high-quality factory based production line technology.

The new kit includes the most up-to-date industry technologies covering Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Robotics and PLC control, all of which are modelled on industry standard production lines, creating a realistic, relevant, and high-quality training environment for students.

Each machine will help teach students about Automation Processes such as Pick & Place, Testing & Quality Inspection, Workpiece Processing, Workpiece Sorting, Robotic Assembly and Workpiece Storage & Retrieval.

The College is the first in Scotland to purchase such a significant range of equipment for students, and the size of it has meant that rooms in the College had to be redesigned in order to fully install it.

The purchases were part of Fife College’s drive to increase STEM skills in the region and address the needs of the manufacturing industry as it moves towards smart factories.

Stephen Ayton the Academic Head for Engineering, Science, Mathematics and STEM at Fife College said:

"This new investment illustrates just how committed Fife College is to providing the very best learning experience for our students.

“We want to make sure anyone studying manufacturing with us learns about the latest techniques that are being used in the industry, so that they’re equipped with the skills needed to work in any modern factory.

“It’s required a lot of hard work and effort to get the equipment installed, but I’m delighted that we’re the first college to offer this wealth of experience to our students.

“This forms a part of our drive to increase STEM skills in the Fife region and to ensure that we meet the digital needs of this ever-evolving industry.

“The digitalisation and automation of manufacturing processes is evolving all the time, and thanks to this new technology our students will be work ready for industry.”

Kayleigh Ferguson, an Academic & Quality Manager at the College who has been using the equipment said:

"This equipment showcases the latest technology in the manufacturing industry, and it's been great to be able to introduce our students to it.

"Learning about this machinery and the manufacturing processes they are used in will provide them with the knowledge and skills to work in the most modern factories in the world.

"They've all really enjoyed having a chance to operate this equipment, and I'm looking forward to introducing more of our students to it over the coming months."