Scholarship winners pictured at the presentation: Kellyann Shearer, Kinga Dolaczynska, Bob Cunningham, Dylan Harper and William Morrison

Four Fife College students with an entrepreneurial flair have been awarded scholarships to help them progress in their studies thanks to the generosity of former Fife College staff.

The talented students were awarded their scholarships through the Adam Smith Foundation which is a charity trust supported by Fife College. The students received scholarships ranging from £50 to £250 at a special presentation held at the College’s St Brycedale Campus recently.

Bob Cunningham, Chair of The Fife College Association and former Head of Division at the College before retiring in 1996, was welcomed to the College where he presented certificates and awards to the students; Kellyann Shearer (33) from Kirkcaldy, William Morrison (19) from Methil, Dylan Harper (22) from Ballingry and Kinga Dolaczynska (30) from Leven.

The Fife College Association is a group of former staff members who have a keen interest in supporting students and who are strong believers in the benefits of education.   The Association members meet regularly throughout the year and hold fundraising events and dinners to support different charities – including donating their proceeds to the Adam Smith Foundation, a charity trust which is part of and supported by Fife College and awards scholarships to students. The Scholarship was created to recognise the outstanding commitment and dedication students have to their course studies.

The scholarship winners, all from the Intermediate Certificate: Retailing class, showcased their entrepreneurial spirit fundraising as part of their course requirements, raising over £500 for charity. Their dedication to their studies, imaginative approach to fundraising, and enthusiasm towards placements made them clear winners of the scholarship. 

Bob Cunningham said: “The scholarship recipients have gone above and beyond in their studies and commitment to their course and are therefore, extremely deserving. Everyone needs some extra help along the way and the Association is delighted to be able to support this scholarship and the students. Their enthusiasm and imaginative approach to their fundraising is commendable. I would like to congratulate each of the students, and I wish them the very best in their future careers.”

Student scholarship winner Kinga Dolaczynska was delighted to have won the scholarship. Said Kinga:  “As I have just finished my second year at Fife College, I am delighted to have won this scholarship. My time at Fife College has given me the opportunity to use my creativity, learn more about the retail world. I also feel that my lecturers are helping me to achieve my full potential and it has all been so worthwhile. I hope to go on to have a career as a retail buyer, so I am really excited to progress on to the Advanced Certificate: Business and Retailing after the summer. The scholarship win will help me to buy a laptop to prepare for next year’s coursework.”

For further details about courses beginning in August or for information about the Adam Smith Foundation visit or call 0344 248 0115.