31 May 2023

Exciting Visit to Scottish Police College: A Glimpse into the World of Law Enforcement! 

Recently, our HNC Police Studies students from Fife College had an incredible opportunity to visit the prestigious Scottish Police College at Tulliallan Castle, Kincardine. Accompanied by our dedicated lecturers, Andrew Heron and Cheryle Cowan, the students had an action-packed day filled with practical experiences and insights from experienced professionals.

During their visit, the students witnessed a dynamic officer safety scenario, providing them with a taste of the challenges faced by police officers. They also got to try their hand at using police radios and even conducted a Police National Computer check, giving them a glimpse of the practical aspects of police work.

The highlight of the visit was when the students had the chance to don operational uniforms and officer safety equipment. Trying on the public order kit was a particularly exciting moment for them, as it made their aspirations feel real and tangible.

Interacting with an officer trained in public order events further enriched their understanding of the role of a police officer in such situations. The students engaged in insightful conversations and gained valuable insights into effective communication and maintaining public safety.

Callum Dalziel, one of our students, shared his excitement about the visit, saying, "I found it really enjoyable and interesting and it gave me an insight into what I could be doing once I finished the HNC Police Studies course." This sentiment resonated with the group, igniting their passion for a career in law enforcement. 

The visit to the Scottish Police College left a profound impact on our students. It motivated them to consider joining the police force and provided them with a clear vision of their future roles after completing the HNC Police Studies course. They realized that effective communication skills are the primary tool of any police officer, underscoring the importance of clear and empathetic communication with the public.

Our students returned with newfound enthusiasm, ready to pursue their passion for law enforcement. These immersive experiences make the HNC Police Studies course at Fife College an excellent choice for those aspiring to make a difference in their communities through a career in policing.