Today marks International Friendship Day, and what better time than now to celebrate all of the lovely people we have surrounding us? It's a great time for you to reflect on all of the people who have helped and supported you recently, especially during your time studying and working remotely from home.

As an activity that you can do in your spare time – why not make a list of the things that you and your friend(s) are going to do when this is all over? We all have an exciting future ahead of us, you just have to look to the future and stay positive!

There are many things you can also do now from home – you don’t have to wait! You can watch a movie at the same time as your friends, take part in online yoga classes, bake cakes at home to share with those you love, draw or paint a picture for them, play an online game, watch a TV show or read a book recommended by a friend, or simply just share a coffee over a video call together. What other ways can you think of to celebrate your friendships?

Think of happy memories you have and share them. It is good to look back at happy memories, but remember making new ones is just as important.

Why not also reach out to someone who you may not have heard from in a while? We are sure they would be delighted to hear from you!

If you can, why not also consider sending your friends flowers from your local florist? Or a gift they would enjoy? Or simply a card with a nice message inside. Show support for your local businesses, as well as your friends at the same time. 

Now is a really important time for everyone to be looking out for one another and I am sure your friends would appreciate some kindness and consideration. 

If you have a friend who is studying at Fife College who you think may be struggling at the moment – please encourage them to get in touch with us for advice and support. Our campuses are still closed, but our staff are all working remotely to support our students. 

And don't forget - we are here for you too, if you need us! Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Guidance Team or Students' Association if you need to - they will be happy to help you in any way they can.

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At Fife College, we value and include everyone - Happy International Friendship Day to you all!

“Remember, be kind and stay safe.“