👩‍🔬 On February 11th we were celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science!

🌎 We spoke to our very own female scientist at Fife College, Ciara Hayes, to discuss the importance of Women and Girls in the science community.

"Women’s participation in science is important for achieving a diverse, representative and equitable scientific community. Underrepresentation of women in science has been well documented, and it is vital to address the imbalance to ensure that women have equal opportunities, to make the most of their talents and skills. Encouraging girls to pursue science from a young age is vital. This can lead to girls developing a love for learning, building confidence, and prepare them for a bright future in a rapidly changing world.

What I love about science is that it helps us understand the world around us and how it works, from the smallest micro-organism to the largest galaxies. With science you’re always learning! I was inspired to become a scientist from a young age by my biology teacher. As a career I have been fortunate to work in teaching and research around the world. It has opened up opportunities that I never imagined, and helped me to become the scientist that I am today.

At Fife College we offer a range of courses in science for learners that have no formal background, to those wanting to expand. Our Applied Science courses are available from Level 5 to HND. With these courses you can start with a broad education of all 3 sciences and then specialise in Biology, Chemistry, or Industrial Biotechnology. Scotland’s life science sector provides 41,700 jobs across more than 700 diverse businesses and is set to grow. So now is the perfect time for women to consider studying one of our courses with Fife College, and begin their exciting career in Life Science."

Applications are now open for all our Science courses, you can find more information here ➡️ https://bit.ly/2UKvFcF