Fife College is now a fully operational IPC Training Centre  - one of only two in Scotland and six in the UK.

Approved and licensed by IPC, the global trade association serving the printed board and electronics assembly industries, we now offer IPC Professional Training and Certification Programmes to IPC Standards at our facility in Glenrothes, complete with new, industry-standard equipment.

What’s on offer?

IPC Standards

Fife College are licensed and approved to deliver training, testing and certification associated with the following Standards:

  • IPC J-STD-001, Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies
  • IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies
  • IPC/WHMA-A-620, Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies
  • IPC-7711/7721, Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies

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Certified IPC Specialist (CIS)

CIS training focuses on the knowledge and/or hand skills required of the ‘Application Specialist’ in charged with working in adherence to the relevant Standard.

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Certified IPC Trainer (CIT)

Fife College’s Master IPC Trainer will deliver CIT training to those individuals who will be responsible for delivering the CIS training for their company. The training expands upon the content of the relevant CIS course to ensure the qualified CIT will have all the necessary information to adequately train their colleagues.

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Companies are already benefiting from our IPC training – with excellent feedback

“It’s been great to become a qualified IPC specialist over the three-day course and I’ll now be able to take these skills into my day-to-day job. I wouldn’t be able to do my job properly – or legally – without this certification.”

Michael Coombes, Leonardo

“This training at Fife College is useful as it means we are able to take what we've learned on the course, the skills and competencies, back to the factory and then train the rest of our workforce to IPC Standards.

“Being able to undertake this training in Fife here at the College was of real benefit to us – both as an organisation and as individuals. It’s far more cost effective to come here to the College’s Glenrothes Campus – we were originally planning to head to Essex for the training before we found out the College was offering it.”

Fiona Adamson, CTDI

“It’s brilliant for companies in Fife and elsewhere in Scotland that Fife College has taken on the IPC Certification and Training – for Standards, Specialists, and Trainers. It’s something that we really need in the area. It helps companies like ours to grow their own workforces and helps create partnerships between businesses and the College.”

Jennifer Gartshore, CTDI

Introducing our Master Trainer, John Leslie

We are incredibly proud to be able to say that all of our IPC training is delivered by Master Trainer John Leslie.

John is an incredibly well-respected figure within the electronics assembly industry having worked with industry giants BAE Systems for over 40 years – including over 20 years as a trainer.

On joining the College, John said: “After such a long and enjoyable career with BAE, the opportunity arose for me to take a retirement package.

“I felt that it was right time for me to make a change, and intended to look for something part-time. It was then that I got to talking with Fife College and we came to an agreement which allowed me to deliver IPC training for the College.

“Ensuring continuity of IPC training in Fife was very important for me. There’s been an IPC training centre in Fife since the early 90s, so we have an established history of delivering training and certification for the industry.

“When I was leaving BAE, they didn’t have a replacement that could deliver the training I had been. I felt strongly that it was important that Fife kept the ability to deliver the training – IPC is the standard in the industry the world over.

“So, when the College approached me, I seen it as an opportunity not only to continue to deliver training, but also to train someone to continue this after I retire.

“I’m very pleased with the way things are going here at the College. It’s the ideal place to deliver training from, with first-rate facilities here in Glenrothes.

“It’s also an opportunity for the College to expand its successful training offering in industry.”

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