29 January 2021 

As we enter another lockdown, many companies are having to close their doors once again. Are you in a situation where you are furloughed or unable to find a job because of the pandemic? Or are you stuck at home wondering what your next move will be once this is over? What if I told you that this may be the most crucial time in your career?

At Fife College your future is important to us. How you think and act now could make a huge difference to your future career. So why not consider adding to your CV by taking these short courses and increasing your employability?

We have brand new, free and flexible courses that could enhance your skills in a number of different sectors and industries:

Accelerator Courses

If you are interested in IT or Science, then these three courses that are delivered in just five months below could be exactly what you are looking for:


Skills Boost Courses

These short courses are delivered for 3-18 weeks and are quick and helpful to educate and enhance your skills:


Not only are they short courses, but a number of them are flexible too; meaning you can start and finish your studies at a pace of your choosing and that fits around your schedule.

Think of where you could be after you study a course. You can increase your potential and transform your life in just a matter of months just by reskilling and upskilling with us.

Applying is easy, simply log on to the website here, select the course of interest and submit your application.

And what’s more, everyone who successfully completes one of these courses will be eligible to apply for a place on a higher level course at Fife College.


Go on, what are you waiting for?