The Scottish Government’s recently published plans to ease Scotland out of lockdown provide grounds for tentative optimism; It is the cautious first steps towards what Nicola Sturgeon has described as a ‘semblance of normality’.

Whether or not we wish to return to the normality we once knew is something we may have considered recently. Indeed, it may have become a decision which is now out of our hands. No matter your personal circumstances, it is most probable the past months may have led to a period of reflection and served to produce a plan for a new normal, or a better future.

So, the word transition may take on a series of different meanings at the moment, and part of that plan for the new normal could concern up-skilling, continual professional development or an entirely new career path.

Given the elevated status of the NHS as well as increased awareness and appreciation of services meeting the diverse needs of the most vulnerable of our community, some may have been inspired to pursue a career within social care.

Social care is about making a positive difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable within our community. During these unprecedented times, social carers continue to serve as key workers, ensuring those who require care continue to receive vital support within our communities.

Transition is applicable across the sector at the moment and, as Dr Lewis Morrison, Chairman of the British Medical Association for Scotland concedes, there are ‘difficult times ahead’ as services prepare for the weeks, months and years ahead.

However, it is a sector which is no stranger to difficult times where it’s about making a contribution and working with others as a team to meet demands and challenges to achieve the best possible outcomes for those who rely on its services.

It is clear that the point has now been reached where the emphatic ‘Stay at home, Protect the NHS and Save lives’ communication will evolve towards a more flexible and responsive ‘Test-Trace-Isolate-Support’ policy as a means to control and contain the pandemic and, ultimately, limit stress on services.

This transition has already led to the launch of a new recruitment campaign and as the situation continues to develop it is clear that dedicated, committed social care professionals will be in high demand in the days, months and years to come.  

No matter the specific role within the social care sector you choose, it will be demanding and challenging, where developing rapport, establishing trust and showing compassion is just as important as technical skill. 

What must not be overlooked, especially during times like this, is the fact it is one of the most rewarding, fulfilling and meaningful careers which you can choose to pursue.

This is something which is reinforced to our current students within the faculty whom, based on their high-quality student experience, will serve to make a positive contribution as frontline heroes within Fife and beyond in the future.

So, should you be thinking about choosing a career in social care, consider what Fife College has to offer.

Whether you are currently at school, a school leaver, someone who is keen to explore a career change or currently working within the care sector, you can study with us as a full-time or part-time student as well as explore the flexibility of work-based learning. 

You can progress to a degree-level qualification with us too, it’s simply about taking the first step to becoming a frontline hero.

It’s a career where you may not always receive the applause which you deserve, however, it’s rewarding in so many other ways. It’s returning home knowing that you’ve made a difference and the impact you have made will resonate far longer than any applause. 

It’s bringing colour to the lives of the most vulnerable in our community, which is as vibrant as the rainbows which adorn households across the country at the moment. 

Most importantly, it’s a career like no other, and your journey towards a rewarding career in social care starts here, with us at Fife College.

For more information about social care courses available at Fife College, visit our care pages.