Strike Action Update - Wednesday, 15 and Thursday, 16 May

Strike Action Update - Wednesday, 15 and Thursday, 16 May.

Please note all exams will run as planned.

The next strike days are scheduled for Wednesday, 15 and Thursday, 16 May. As on previous strike days the College will be open and we will aim to run as many classes as possible. Please note exams will run as normal.

You may be also be aware that as part of their strike action, there is also the "withdrawal of goodwill”. The EIS has asked its members to refuse to record student results in the College’s results system. We do hope that not many of our lecturers will follow through on this threat. However, please be reassured that we will do all we can to minimise any disruption caused by the action that may be taken by a minority of our lecturing staff. We are confident that the action will not disadvantage or damage any of our students.

If you have any questions, please speak to your Lecturer/Curriculum Manager or get in touch with us by emailing or calling 0344 248 0115. The Student Engagement team and Fife College Students' Association (FCSA) are also available if you would like to talk to someone in person.

We will keep you up to date with any developments relating to future strikes on our social media ( and (

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all staff on strike?

No, it only applies to teaching staff who are members of the EIS. Our Professional Services staff and many of our teaching staff are not part of the strike action and are on hand to help with any concerns you have – so please get in touch.

What does Action Short of a Strike mean?

The  “Action Short of a Strike” will take 2 forms:

  1. “Resulting Boycott” – Not uploading student assessment results to College Systems
  2. “Withdrawal of Goodwill” – Working strictly to their terms of contract

1. What is a “resulting boycott”?

Part of the “Action short of a strike” will be in the form of not uploading student assessment results to the College systems.

2. What is “withdrawal of goodwill”?

The second part of the “Action short of a strike” involves lecturing staff working strictly to their contracted terms of employment. This means that they will not be conducting any duties or tasks that they would deem to be outwith their contracted hours of work, this could include:

  • only working contracted hours (not working outside of normal working hours, including answering e-mails, marking assessments, or preparing classes)
  • not working during their breaks/lunch breaks
  • not attending any voluntary projects or meetings on behalf of the College

My class has been cancelled, can I still use the library?

The College will be open as normal on strike days and our staff will be on hand in our Libraries and Learning Hubs to offer support and answer any questions if you need it. All of our facilities will also be unaffected and our Campus Cafes and Costas will be open as normal. How will I know if my class is cancelled or not? Unfortunately, we won’t know until the day of the strike which lecturers will not be in and we cannot be certain of all the classes that will be cancelled. Where we do know for certain that classes are not running we will let you know. We have decided not to cancel all classes as we know that some will run and it is only fair to allow those students whose classes are unaffected to be able to attend where that is possible. If you are worried that your class will be cancelled and you do not want to go to the trouble and expense of coming in to College, you should feel free to use the day to study at home using the VLE and/or materials for your course.

What happens if I come in and my lecturer is not there?

If your lecturer is not there and the class is not able to be covered, please use this time for self-directed study. All absences on this day will be authorised and your funding will not be affected. How long will the strike go on for? The strike will last for one day.

Will this affect my bursary/EMA?

Please be assured that no students will be disadvantaged in regards to either their bursary or EMA funding as a consequence of the industrial action.

What will happen with my childcare payments if my class doesn’t take place?

All absences on this day will be authorised and your funding will not be affected.

I have received a letter telling me my class is cancelled?

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students the decision has been made to cancel some classes. If this affects you, we will contact you directly via email or letter.