23 March 2023 

Students from seven Fife College courses took part in a successful Global Game Jam event, helping them gain valuable insight into the gaming industry.

An annual event, The Global Game Jam involves thousands of people worldwide all creating games over the course of a week.

Like a musical ‘jam session’, a game jam is a short period of time when designers and developers come together to create a game from scratch.

Twenty students from the College, with an interest in working in the games industry, came together from across the creative industries faculty to work in teams with people they didn’t previously know.

As well as experiencing the full production pipeline for a video game which they could add to their personal portfolios, they also gained important teambuilding and communication skills.

Computing and Technologies Lecturer at Fife College, Sarah Herzog, who organised the event, said:

”Before coming to Fife College I worked at Ninja Kiwi Europe in Dundee, and game jams were a huge part of my path into working in the gaming industry, so I knew I wanted to provide a place for our students to experience a game jam. But even so, I was blown away by how much they enjoyed the event.

“The energy in the room was electric, the students were absolutely buzzing. By the end of the awards ceremony on the last day, we literally couldn't get them to leave - they were so excited talking about what they had accomplished and learned."

HND Computer Games Development student Cameron Boyle, who took part in the event, said:

“The game jam was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget and one of the most valuable experiences in my development to date. I especially enjoyed the collaborative work within a short time frame which proved extremely effective for gaining experience in games production.”

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