A new poster campaign is being launched throughout the College to help students prepare for the world of work.

The posters feature photos of students from a variety of different curriculum areas using the T-Shape Model, a concept widely recognised and used in academic fields. The campaign aims to convey the importance of the Essential Skills that students develop as part of their course in addition to the specialist skills and knowledge relevant to their core subject.

Each T-Shape Model poster shows a student from a different curriculum area balancing the wider Essential Skills relating to their subject horizontally across their arms, with subject-specialist skills and knowledge vertically.

Together, these two different sets of skills and knowledge form a well-rounded student ready for the world of work in their chosen career.

A wide range of posters have been produced and will be put up in all campuses throughout the summer, ready for the new college year beginning in August.

Iain Hawker, Assistant Principal: Quality and Academic Partnerships, explained the importance of the new campaign: “It is vital that, while at college, our students are aware of the skills that employers require. The T-Shape Model posters are attractive, visual, and informative in conveying a key message. We hope that students can easily relate to them and that they remind them of the skills they should focus on strengthening during and after their studies at college.”

HND: Jewellery student, Celda Tyndall, enjoyed being a model for the posters, and added: “I think this is a great campaign as it helps remind us as students, in a visual way, of the skills we are being taught and the other benefits of being at college. The College is providing a fantastic stepping stone for me to go on to university, and long-term I hope to become an art teacher. Seeing the skills and knowledge on posters all around the place will be really helpful both to new students beginning in August and those returning.”

The T-Shape Model is part of the wider College Strategy to ensure that students are work-ready. Alongside highlighting the skills required for a particular chosen subject area, the T-Shape Model helps to highlight wider employability skills which may seem to some students unrelated to their chosen career, but are in fact extremely important.

As well as appearing in corridors and on classroom walls across the College, the posters will also be used with College partners, in School College Partnership programmes, on the College website, and in other promotional materials. The Fife College Student Association will also be lending a hand to help students understand the T-Shape model and its relevance.