For any organisations working within the same sector the likelihood is that they will have similar structures, departments systems, etc. So what makes one organisation stick out from the rest? It is the way in which all departments and systems interact to create synergy.

Pulling these together is a role of management. This is not just about gaining competitive advantage it is also true for any organisation increasing productivity and enhancing the bottom line. So unless we subscribe to the notion that managers and leaders are born not made then we have to accept enhancing management and leadership skills is essential to the success of any organisation.

Where should we start? Let’s look at new managers put into the position with little or no training. The common term for these people are “accidental managers”.

A person who has excelled and demonstrated competence in the role they are doing and this could be Engineer, production staff, office staff, who are then promoted on that basis to a management position with little or no training in the area of management and leadership and because this new role requires different set of skills they struggle.

These people may well have technical skills or skills around the organisations processes and procedures but what about the other skills needed as a manager? Interpersonal skills, resilience, empathy, how to motivate to improve performance of the team, how to empower employees and just as important how to inspire and engage people to enable high performance.

According to recent IIP webinar 68% of managers were identified as “accidental managers”. CMI (Chartered Management Institute) research puts this at 4 out of 5 managers. Over the past few years CMI and others have been highlighting the negative effect “Accidental managers” are having on organisations. However, it still happens. Look around the workplace you may well have been an accidental manager or know someone that has or is. The days of leaving people to sink or swim should be over but they are not.

Most of these people do not sink as they bring with them self-motivation and a determination to succeed, which is probably one of the reasons they were promoted in the first place. However, imagine how much more they could bring to your organisation if they had the essential management and leadership skills required.

Enhancing management and leadership skills will help overcome the challenges faced by managers. It will also give the organisation a quicker return on their investment with the promoted post.

So what should you do about it?

Speak to us at Fife College’s Andrew Carnegie Business School.

Andrew Carnegie Business School is committed to offering training and development programmes to enhance management and leadership skills. This could be through qualifications and we deliver a full range from first line management through to strategic management and leadership. If a qualification is not what you are looking for then we are happy to sit down with you to design a bespoke fit for purpose development program for your organisation.

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