National Certificate: Furniture students are pictured planting trees at the College’s Halbeath Campus in Dunfermline. 

Fife College has been planting trees as part of The Woodland Trust’s national tree planting project. 

The latest batch, planted by National Certificate: Furniture students at the College’s Halbeath Campus in Dunfermline, takes the total number of trees planted by the College during the initiative to over 400. 

Planted earlier this week, the trees are from the ‘Wild Harvest’ collection and include dog rose, rowan, hazel, crab apple, blackthorn and elder, all of which will provide good biodiversity for local pollinators.

Part of the College’s commitment to sustainability, the trees will also produce a harvest of hedgerow fruit for College catering projects in the long term. 

John Wincott, Environmental Services Coordinator at Fife College said:

“The Woodland Trust tree planting project is an excellent way for communities to improve their local environment and we are delighted to be involved.

“The furniture class students were particularly delighted to plant the latest batch of trees. What was interesting for these students is that they use wood in their course, and with this project they were able to plant young trees with an eye on the future.

“All of the students used the opportunity to learn more about sustainability and the environment, the importance of planning for the future, and how tree planting can benefit climate change.”

Fife College is fully committed to becoming a leading low carbon and sustainable organisation, playing an active role in delivering positive climate change outcomes, as set out in the recently published Regional Outcome Agreement 2018/21. In the four years from 2013/14 to 2017/18, Fife College has reduced its carbon footprint by 34%.