Trustee David Colman in Focus

Trustee David Colman in Focus

David Colman is one of the newest Trustees on the Board of the Adam Smith Foundation. We caught up with David to find out more about what it means to be a Trustee and what motivated him to get involved.

I’ve been a Trustee of the Adam Smith Foundation (ASF) for just over a year and find it extremely worthwhile. In total there are seven Trustees who are all volunteers who meet on average four times a year to discuss and help plan the work of the Foundation. Trustees are needed as the Foundation is separate from the College, although it is supported by it. ASF is a charity which is in control of its own finances - we make sure that all money given by our generous donors goes straight back to our students through our wide range of scholarships and support.

The Trustees help to steer the Foundation forward, supporting the College staff that are involved in managing the day to day running and long term planning of ASF.

Having a range of people with a mix of skills is important. I’ve been lucky to have had support in my career and therefore enjoy now giving something back to the college community. I’m fortunate today to have four successful financial and property businesses but it wasn’t always like that.

When I first left school I worked down the pit as an electrical engineer, times were hard and due to the pit closures at the time I was made redundant.  I got a job selling insurance which got me interested in a financial career and I went on to gain a range of financial qualifications. In 1992 I set up my first business with four employees which has grown over the years to 26.

Education is really important to me – it helped me turn my life around. Giving students some extra help while they study and recognising them for their achievements is very valuable in helping to nurture success. The ASF helps to bridge the gap to give students a bit extra on top of their funding that can help make all the difference. We have many examples of this where a scholarship has helped a student turn their life around – this is vital stuff and life changing. What an honour it is to be involved!

I’m very proud of what we are achieving here which is unique within the College sector. With a record number of scholarships on offer this year, more students than ever before are set to benefit, which is fantastic – I’m excited for the future!