Max McKay 

Foundation Apprenticeship: Scientific Technologies

"I had an interest in sciences, and the Foundation Apprenticeship allowed me to explore that interest and continue forward through education.  The course helped me progress towards a career focused on sciences and I chose Fife College as I had a great experience with them, and it felt welcoming.  The Foundation Apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to go for work experience which allowed me to find out what work was like within this industry. I am continuing my studies at Fife College with an HND in Applied Biological Sciences." 

Brooke Mackenzie

Foundation Apprenticeship: Accountancy

"Last year, I did an Foundation Apprenticeship in Accountancy (Higher equivalent) and this year is the more professional qualification with the AAT Accountancy units. I enjoyed the management and financial accounting units the most from this course. After school, I will apply for college and study my HNC in Business at Fife College." 

Eloise Salt 

Creative and Digital Media

"I chose to study the Creative and Digital Media Foundation Apprenticeship because I was looking for something new and different. I wanted to expand my learning as even though I enjoyed school I wanted to experience a different way that you could be taught.

I am really enjoying the Foundation Apprenticeship as it has taught me a lot of new skills and I have learnt things I would never have been able to learn in school. It has helped me discover and realise what I would like to do in the future after I have left school.  The thing I enjoy most about the Foundation Apprenticeship is when we get given small presentation tasks as they have helped me become more confident in talking in front of others.

After I have completed school and the Foundation Apprenticeship I am hoping to go to university and take a graphic or product design course. This is because the Foundation Apprenticeship helped me realise exactly what job and field I was looking for."

Malcolm Lamb 

Foundation Apprenticeship: Accountancy

"I’m doing a Foundation Apprenticeship (FA) in Accountancy and have been enjoying it ever since I found out I could do it as my high school doesn’t offer Accountancy as a study option. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be an accountant. I’ve enjoyed everything about the FA. The support from Fife College lecturers is fantastic and I can ask any question and get the help I need, when needed."

Eve Duncan

Foundation Apprenticeship: Scientific Technologies

"I chose the Foundation Apprenticeship in Scientific Technologies so I could get work experience in the industry I was looking to work in. I wanted to gain practical laboratory skills and confirm this was the industry I wanted to work in. I also wanted to experience learning in a college environment as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to college or do an apprenticeship after I left school.

The Foundation Apprenticeship confirmed to me that I did want to work in science and showed me that an apprenticeship could be a route I could take to get there. It let me know that going to university wasn’t my only option to get a job working in science. It gave me more knowledge that could be applied in the workplace, particularly about health and safety. It also taught me some basic lab skills such as making up solutions and culturing bacteria.

Completing the Foundation Apprenticeship while at school was manageable. Since the course was assessed throughout the year it took some of the pressure off during SQA exams as I then had one less exam.

I am now a Modern Apprentice at Edinburgh University."


Marina Hendren 

Foundation Apprenticeship: Engineering

"I chose to do the Engineering Foundation Apprenticeship (FA) because I had an interest in pursuing engineering as a career in the future and the FA offered me things you couldn’t do at school. I was also very keen to get some work experience.

Doing the FA really helped me to get a head start in my career as it made me stand out from other applicants when applying for university and apprenticeships. It also helped me understand how an apprenticeship works and how it can benefit your career.

I am now a Graduate Apprentice Design Engineer with Leonardo UK at their Edinburgh site. I’m studying a BEng (Hons) Engineering: Design & Manufacture at Strathclyde University two days a week and working on-site three days a week to allow me to complete my work-based learning.

Upon completing my Graduate Apprenticeship, I’d love to stay at Leonardo and progress through the company. I really hope to one day be a Senior Design Engineer and lead my own team for a project."


Lauryn Fetter

Foundation Apprenticeship: Business Skills 

"Completing my Foundation Apprenticeship in Business Skills has allowed me to further progress my education into a Modern Apprenticeship (MA).  Going into my MA, I felt confident and experienced enough to build on my skills and use the learning I got from my FA to apply this in my job.

I am now working at Social Work Scotland as an Administration and Business Modern Apprentice, continuing in my role after having finished my qualification.”

Bradley Stewart

Foundation Apprenticeship: Engineering  

"I chose the Foundation Apprenticeship in Engineering as I did NAT 5 Engineering Science, but my school didn’t offer this as a higher. I really enjoyed engineering and looked into Foundation Apprenticeships route, I knew it would either give me access into further education at college, or would give me hands on experience I could then use to secure a Modern Apprenticeship.

The Foundation Apprenticeship was two afternoons a week at college, and that experience alone helped me develop my skills, and getting to know everyone at college allowed me to be more independent. As part of my FA I visited a local company for work placement which I really enjoyed.

When I left school I managed to get onto the HNC: Electrical Engineering course at Fife College as a result of achieving my full award after the Foundation Apprenticeship, but I was fortunate enough to secure a Modern Apprenticeship at Silberline in Leven as an electrical apprentice. I am in my first year and am really enjoying the blended learning between the work place and the college.

My apprenticeship is 4 years and after this I will be a fully qualified electrical engineer.

The Foundation Apprenticeship has definitely been a very positive experience for me. It opened up my eyes to what college would be like. I was also able to learn what the world of work was like before even leaving school."

Mark Waddell

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