Hear from our Foundation Apprentices on their journey here at Fife College 

Marina Hendren 

Foundation Apprenticeship: Engineering

I chose to do the Engineering Foundation Apprenticeship (FA) because I had an interest in pursuing engineering as a career and the FA offered me things you couldn’t do at school. I was also very keen to get some work experience.

Doing the FA really helped me to get a head start in my career as it made me stand out from other applicants when applying for university and apprenticeships. 

I am now a Graduate Apprentice Design Engineer with Leonardo UK at their Edinburgh site. I’m studying a BEng (Hons) Engineering: Design & Manufacture at Strathclyde University two days a week and working on-site three days a week to allow me to complete my work-based learning.

Upon completing my Graduate Apprenticeship, I’d love to stay at Leonardo and progress through the company. I really hope to one day be a Senior Design Engineer and lead my own team for a project.

Alex Marshall

Foundation Apprenticeship: Business with Administration  

I am a student at Queen Anne High School. At the moment, I am working towards my higher qualifications but I also do a Foundation Apprenticeship in Business with Administration.

In my placement I’ve had to do things such as giving my input on merchandise that would be given to students after they take part in focus groups and I also had the opportunity to create questions to ask Fife College’s Digital Engagement Coordinator about her role and things she’s working on.

I'd definitely recommend doing a Foundation Apprenticeship as you learn so much from it and gaining the work experience is great. It's great for anyone who wants to gain confidence, meet new people and to enjoy your learning more!

It can also lead you to so many places as I’ve heard from others that they got their jobs from the journey from Foundation to Modern Apprenticeship! 

Euan and Cameron

Foundation Apprenticeship: Engineering

Our Foundation Apprenticeships in Engineering involved looking at the basics of engineering, as in materials and working on the machines. We come down Monday and Wednesday at 2pm as we get picked up in our taxis. The course duration is two years, and on Mondays we work on units within the course in a classroom setting. Wednesdays we are in the workshop.


Euan (St. Columba's High School):

After this course, I’d like to go into the construction industry or engineering.


Cameron (Dunfermline High School):

I enjoy learning new skills and applying what I learn in the workshop. I would like to progress into a Modern Apprenticeship in engineering.

We both recommend this course. You meet new people from different schools, learn new skills and it pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Mark Waddell

My name is Mark Waddell and I am 18 years old. In fourth year, I got the opportunity to apply for a Foundation Apprenticeship in Accountancy with Fife College. I applied for this course and started in August 2020 when I was in my fifth year at high school.

I completed the National Progression Award and a unit of AAT. I studied my way through the course and got plenty of support from my lecturer as they ensured I was getting my qualifications. This course also entailed work experience where I worked alongside an accountant from Fife Council

Since completing my FA, I then decided to progress onto a Modern Apprenticeship here at Fife Council. I do analytical work and am studying more AAT units (currently AAT Level 2). I’ve completed my first exam and I’m currently working towards my second exam.

I enjoy doing a variety of work as it helps me with my core and professional skills.


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