No matter what stage of your education you're at, there is a way that you can get involved with STEM subjects.

Why wait? Get involved with STEM subjects at high school

You even have the chance to develop practical STEM skills before you leave high school.

There are many various paths through STEM development that are open to you, both at high school and beyond.

Explore the college courses you can take while still at school.

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Build on your knowledge at college - whatever level you're at

As a school leaver, there is a path into STEM subjects that will suit your needs, whether you are leaving with no qualifications, Nationals, or Highers.

At Fife College, we have a wide range of progression options available at each of the different stages of your STEM journey.

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Your STEM journey - the best study path for you

And remember- you can stop studying at any stage, or even stop for a few years and start again when your career needs you to.

You can study with us part-time and continue to gain meaningful and vocationally focused qualifications.

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