Our Student Experience and Engagement Teams are here to offer support, advice and guidance. Most of our staff will be continuing to work from home, however there will be limited support available on each of our campuses, with the full teams able to support you online either through email or by phone. 

Find out more about the teams and how to contact them below: 



Need to talk? Guidance will be offering support to students via email and

Need to talk? Guidance will be offering support to students via email and phone regarding all personal, financial, course advice or progression-related issues. Just contact guidance@fife.ac.uk.

The Attendance team will be continuing to offer advice and guidance regarding any attendance or financial queries, or any concerns regarding your achievement. Simply contact attendance@fife.ac.uk.

If you need any support, guidance, or advice regarding your finances, then we’re here to help. Just contact studentfunding@fife.ac.uk.

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If you need extra support to study or are struggling to study at home, our Inclusion team is full of ideas to make learning a reality. They can provide study skills, proofreading, advice on assistive technology, and advice to help you meet your learning goals. You can contact them today at - learning@fife.ac.uk, or by calling 03442480115.

Our dedicated Customer Services team will be continuing to answer your calls and enquiries through the main College number and email. Just contact info@fife.ac.uk or call 03442480115.

The FCSA represents you in all matters affecting your interests as individual students, as a class, a department and nationally, as part of NUS. If you need any advice or support, you can contact the FCSA - fcsa@fife.ac.uk.

Our campus libraries are open for you to use, providing a click-and-collect service and essential study space. The click-and-collect service works by reserving resources through the online library service and collecting them at a campus most convenient to you. There is a wealth of resources available online to support all your study needs that can be accessed through the library iLearn. There is essential study space available if you can’t study from home. Printer facilities and Chromebooks are also available to use.

The Library is open, if you have any queries, please email library@fife.ac.uk

Our dedicated Employability team support students in enhancing their employability skills. They ensure you're career ready, familiar with the workplace environment, the etiquette, and the expectations and the challenges that are part of the modern-day work.  They provide highly-accessible support, including faculty support via classroom workshops and resources on all employability-related topics.

To get in touch, please email Employability@fife.ac.uk


Additional Support Services

Community Support Services

Fife Council - Community Support and Assistance 

  • Fife Covid Community Helpline - 0800 952 0330, Monday to Friday, 9 to 5pm

Citizens Advice & Rights Fife (CARF) - www.CABFife.org.uk

  • CARF Helpline - 0345 1400 095 / 094

Fife Foodbank Information - Fife Foodbank

Coronavirus Specific

General Support External links:

Citizens Advice -  https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/scotland/

MIND - https://www.mind.org.uk/

Samaritans - Talk to someone 116  123 (24 hour helpline)

Breathing Space - 0800 838587 (all weekend and 6pm-2am weekdays)

Sane - Support for mental health  

If you are experiencing any difficulty regarding your personal or financial circumstances, and need further advice, please contact guidance@fife.ac.uk or call 03442 480115