Learner Survey 1 2020 is live

Learner Survey 1 2020 is live!

Who is it going out to? All full time students will receive a personalised link to their College Email.

How long is it live for? Two weeks, from 28th October to 9am on 12th November.

What's in the survey? Learner Survey 1 focuses on your early experiences with Fife College; your application, enrolment and induction.

Are there prizes? Yes!

Who do I contact if I want more information about the survey? Sarah Kerr, Learner Experience Improvement Assistant

Learner Survey 2 2019/20

The Scottish Funding Council require all colleges in Scotland to host a survey every year and report back on the findings. At Fife College we call it Learner Survey 2 and we ask a few questions of our own to add to our continuous improvement of the entire college experience. Only you can tell us about your experience and we want to hear about it! 

Learner Survey 2 was all about what you have experienced and how you feel your year at Fife College has gone. 

The results are in:

Learner Survey 2 Responses

  • We have expanded the vegan and gluten-free options that we provide. 
  • we're working with departments to make sure you get your feedback in a more timely and constructive way.
  • We've introduced new online training for lecturers as well as new online learning materials.