How to access the Portal

You can access your Student Portal whether you are using a college pc or your own device. The instructions below provide advice on how you can access it wherever you are.

Accessing the Portal

Accessing the Portal on -

 or by clicking the button below.

Depending on the web browser you are using, you may be asked to provide your username and password for your student account.  The format of your username is <STUDENT ID>, e.g.  Your password is the password that you used to login to the college PC.

Access the portal

Your Student Portal offers you a single location to access a range of information

  • Your student funding payments and schedules

  • Your attendance

  • You current timetable

  • Your address and contact details

  • Your current course applications and/or unit enrolments

  • Your units and outcomes

If any of your details are incorrect, contact our Student Information team.

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