The Adam Smith Foundation is Fife College's scholarship programme and was created to support our students – to develop opportunities, open doors and transform lives!

The Foundation does this by awarding scholarships. It has presented nearly 1500 scholarships to our students and awarded almost £700,000 since it was created just over 20 years ago.

Through partnership with businesses, charitable trusts and individual donors the Foundation has developed a Scholarship Programme which provides recognition, a financial award, and in some cases, work experience, internships and trips to support and encourage students to achieve their full potential.

Some scholarships have also resulted in apprenticeships and job opportunities for students which is great news, and it also looks great on their CV.

These awards make a huge difference to our students and are used to provide direct assistance to support their studies. Over the years students have used the money for a range of equipment and materials such as laptops, software, textbooks and additional courses. They also use it to support their studies as they progress on to further study, University employment.

“In this competitive world we all need some extra help getting on to the first rung of the ladder.

“This scholarship programme is a great initiative and allows me to provide students with that much needed lift and recognition at the beginning of their career.

"I really enjoy being involved, reading the students’ work and meeting them at the awards presentations.

"It’s good to give something back and it’s also a great excuse for me to visit Fife and play a part in supporting the Kingdom’s emerging creative talent.”

Ian Rankin, Scholarship donor

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