Nominated for the NUS Scotland Student Association of the Year Award 2019, The Fife College Students' Association (FCSA) represents the entire student body of Fife College. 

Once you have enrolled at the College you automatically become a member of FCSA, one of the best in Scotland! The FCSA is made up of a full-time paid Sabbatical President of Welfare and Equality and a Full time Sabbatical President of Education and Representation. (Sabbatical means a student taking a break from studies), Voluntary Officers; Class Reps and Students, all supported by our Staff, our Award Winning FCSA Manager and Student Engagement Coordinator.

These roles, with exception of the Staff, are all elected by you, our students on an annual basis to ensure you have the right people working on your behalf.

The FCSA represents you in all matters affecting your interests as individual students, as a class, a department and nationally as part of NUS Scotland. It also works in partnership with the College Management to express your views and suggestions. At the beginning of the term, you will be given the opportunity to get directly involved with FCSA by becoming a student officer, volunteer or getting involved in the many campaigns.

This years President Team consist of:

  • President of Education and Representation -Carol Hunter
  • President of Welfare and Equality - Jade Burnett

You can be more involved with the FCSA by being a Class Rep for your class, or/and you can join one of our Voluntary Officers positions:

  • Black and Minority Ethnic Officer (BME), (must self-identify as Black or Minority Ethnic)
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Officer, (must self-identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)
  • Students with Disabilities Officer (must self-identify as having a Disability)
  • Womens Officer (must self-identify as Female)
  • Care Experienced Officer (must self-identify as Care Experienced)
  • Campus Rep (Campus Representatives will represent the campus where the majority of their classes are delivered)

You can only cover 1 voluntary position at a time (for example you could not be a BME officer and a student with disabilities officers at the same time). If you want more information on the positions please get in touch with us: