Getting involved with FCSA Sports is a great way to improve your whole college experience! 

Make new peers, get involved in recreational sport, or get competitive and represent FCSA Sports at regional and national Events.



Due to current circumstances, FCSA Sports is not currently running but register your interest here to stay in the loop.

Why join FCSA Sports?

•    Meet new people – sports are a great way to meet like-minded people and make new friends from a variety of backgrounds.

•    Maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

•    Develop your confidence.

•    Find a new sport you love!

Current FCSA Sports Clubs: 

•   FCSA Basketballing Unicorns 

•   FCSA Male FC 

•   FCSA Female FC 

•   FCSA SmashIn2Badminton Club 

•   FCSA Volleyballers 


Thinking of a sport that’s not on the list? Fill in this form to get involved with setting up new clubs.

For any sports related queries, get in touch at