As a corporate parent, Fife College is an organisation who has unique responsibilities to care experienced people. Our role as a corporate parent is to provide the best possible love, support, education and care for all our care experienced students.

Find out more about our Corporate Parenting Journey here:

 Corporate Parenting Plan

The Care Experience Team

The Care Experience team in Fife College are here to provide extra support for Care Experienced students, to liaise with support workers, Carers and agencies to make sure we are providing our Care Experienced students with the best service we can. If you are Care experienced and need help, you can ask us and we will support you to find the answer. To contact us email

As a Care Experienced student, studying at Fife College, we have various ways to support you and keep you engaged:

  • Our Care Experience Co-ordinator, Susan McGuire, is on hand to answer any of your queries. You can get in touch with Susan via this email address
  • You can choose to have a named Guidance advisor, who will be a regular contact while you are studying with us. 
  • We have monthly “We Care” days, where we hold activities, awareness sessions, and competitions. 
  • Student surveys four times a year. This is how we get your thoughts and opinions in order to make the college a better place for you. 
  • You may be entitled to the Care Experience bursary through our funding team. Find out more by contacting
  • Our We Care Facebook page provides advice and insight to college life. 




‘Did you know – Fife College Students’ Association (FCSA) was one of the first associations in Scotland to introduce the role of Care Experienced Students Officer?

These officers make sure that the voice and interests of our Care Experienced students are being considered and promoted in all areas of the FCSA’s work. This includes being active members of the FCSA Operational Committee as well as running awareness raising campaigns and on-campus events.

If you would like to find out more about the role, or to get in touch with one of the current Care Experienced Student Officers please email or drop into one of our offices.’


Students attending Fife College who achieve their HNC/HND qualification over one or two years, providing they achieve the necessary grades, progress directly into year two or three of a degree course. Articulation for Care Experience students is supported by a dedicated member of the Guidance team who will support with applications to University and SAAS.

The Care Experience Co-ordinator also supports students and can provide Care Experience contacts for University.


For further information, please visit the links below

For further information, please visit the links below:

Your rights as Care Experienced Students: Continuing Care and After Care​

Support for care leavers going onto higher educationPropel


As a Care Experienced Student, Care Leaver, or Looked After young person, you may be entitled to a Care Experience Bursary. To find out more visit:

Care Experience Bursary