Personal Issues

The Guidance team can help you with any issues or concerns that may affect you when you are at college. They are happy to listen, provide advice and support and to help you to reach the right choice or course of action for you.

The Guidance team has current up to date information regarding Fife College courses. Whether you are looking to change course or to progress onto a different course, the Guidance team can help you decide which is correct for you.


You are required to attend all timetabled classes. Your attendance at college will be consistently monitored. If you are unable to attend, you are expected to report your absence that same day directly through your student portal.

Absence Requirements and Reporting Absence from College

Accessing the Student Portal

Your attendance will be monitored and, if it becomes a concern, you will be contacted by your Course Tutor inviting you to meet to discuss your overall attendance and what you need to do to ensure you remain on track to successfully achieve on your programme.


We are here to help so please:

Let us know as soon as possible if there are exceptional reasons for not attending your timetabled classes.

Respond immediately to any letters you receive regarding your poor attendance.

Positive Behaviour Hearings

The Guidance team attend positive behaviour hearings that are set at a stage three or stage four level. The role of Guidance within this remit is to act as an advocate for the student and also to ensure that the hearing and the process is fair and follows the College’s policy and procedures.


At induction the Guidance team will talk to you in your class groups about the services and amenities within College. The team will also be available for any questions or concerns that arise during your time at college.


The Guidance staff can advise you about funds you may be entitled to claim, for example Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA), Bursary, SAAS funding, Student Loans, ILAs, and Scholarships.

Advisors can also talk you through the internal Money Does Matter College's Hardship Fund system to help students who are having financial difficulty linked to being a student, for example having to pay childcare and rent.

Advice on managing debt can also be provided.

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