Attendance Level: How does it work?

To maximise your opportunities to pass your course and so that we can continue to process your funding, your attendance level should be recorded at 100%.

There are three factors which are counted towards your attendance level.

Attending your classes

If you attend all of your timetabled classes, then your attendance level will stay at 100%.

If recorded attendance level goes below 100% this might mean you won’t be able to pass your course and your funding may be stopped.

Authorised absences

We understand that sometimes getting to every class won’t be possible. If you are going to miss a class please let the college know. You can do this by clicking the ‘Notify the College of an Absence’ link on your Student Portal or by phoning 0344 248 0115.

If needed, you can self-authorise up to 20 hours of absence each semester.

Unauthorised absences

If any of your absences are unauthorised, because you haven’t informed your subject lecturer or course tutor, or you've exceeded your 20 hour allowance and not had further absences approved, this will reduce your recorded attendance level to below 100%.

How to report absences...

If you have less than 20 hours absence in the semester

If you use the Student Portal to notify the college this will automatically be authorised and marked on your register.

If you call on 0344 248 0115, the Contact Centre team will pass a message onto the teaching staff and this will be authorised.


If you have already had 20 hours authorised

You still report these via the Student Portal or Contact Centre and a message will be passed to your subject lecturer and your course tutor.

These absences will not be automatically authorised. You will need to discuss these absences with your subject lecturer who will confirm if the absence can be authorised or not. You can also discuss this with your Course Tutor or Retention Adviser if you need support.

If you are going to be absent and this is not due to an illness, it may be possible to agree independent learning time with your subject lecturer or course tutor.

What is Independent Learning?

There may be times when you are unable to come into college for a reason other than sickness. This might include childcare issues, health and safety rules following a period of illness, or other factors that would affect your ability to travel to college but not to study. On these occasions your subject lecturer may be able to agree Independent Learning, where you would study and work from home on coursework. This might also be used when you are working on projects and other units throughout your course.

If all your absences are authorised or independent study agreed and you attend all of your other classes then your recorded attendance level will stay at 100%.

Some other points to think about

If you miss a class we recommend speaking to your subject lecturer and classmates and access teaching materials via iLearn to catch up on any work. If you know that you are going to miss the same class for more than two weeks in a row you should speak to your subject lecturer, course tutor or retention adviser to make sure you will still be able to catch up with work and complete the unit successfully.

If there is something that is preventing you from coming to college, please contact your named retention adviser (names will be confirmed at your induction) who will be able to discuss your issues and offer support.