What is the RESPECT campaign?

RESPECT is about making sure that every person in the College has a great time whilst they are here and are free, supported and encouraged to learn in an environment that breeds RESPECT throughout.

Within the campaign is a stoic anti-bullying policy and procedure. Bullying, cyber bullying, victimisation, and harassment will not be tolerated and it is the aim of all Fife College staff to ensure that behaviour of this kind does not exist.

The RESPECT campaign celebrates Fife College’s commitment to creating a learning and teaching environment free from harassment and bullying where the dignity and needs of all students and staff is respected.

RESPECT Competition

Every year, around February and March, our Guidance department hold a six-week competition to promote respect within Fife College.

The students produce poems, paintings, posters, stories, videos, drama (or literally anything else they can think of) that illustrates what respect means to them. There is always a special prize on offer for the competition winners!

Year on year, the number and standard of entries proves that respect at Fife College is a real priority for our students!

RESPECT talks, which are delivered by the Guidance team, are on offer for classes within the college.

Your academic staff are informed when the RESPECT competition is running and promotional posters are displayed around the college, advertising the closing date for entries and how to submit them… Good luck!

Don’t keep bullying to yourself – speak to somebody! To make an appointment with Guidance, please phone 0344 248 0115 or just head along to reception at any campus.