The Childcare fund is available for assistance towards childcare costs.

  • The amount awarded will be dependent on household income.
  • Childcare will only be paid for timetabled hours – including mandatory placements – it won’t include study days.
  • Early Learning and Childcare funding (free Childcare places) and Childcare Vouchers will be taken into consideration when assessing your Childcare award.
  • If you receive funding for childcare, payments will be made direct to the childcare provider
  • If your award application is successful, the award will be paid 1 week in arrears
  • Payments are subject to engagement/attendance checks.

You will be responsible for any costs that are not met by the College.


Help with Childcare costs

If you have children that you are responsible for, then you can apply for assistance with your childcare costs. However, these costs can only be for your college timetabled hours and mandatory work placements as part of your course.

There is a limited amount of money available in this fund to support childcare payments. It is based on household income, therefore, not all students who apply for assistance with childcare will be eligible to receive support towards their claim.

If you have a spouse/partner who is unemployed/at home during your timetabled classes, we will not contribute towards these hours.

In order to assist with childcare costs, your contract must be with a registered childcare provider, nursery or breakfast/afterschool club. The childcare provider you use must be registered with Care Inspectorate.

No formal contract will exist between childcare providers and the College. 

No assistance will be given towards the costs incurred during private study days. However, if additional days for childcare are needed e.g. school in-service days, then we may be able to support this but will need written confirmation from your childcare provider of this and the additional costs. 

Some childcare providers charge deposits, the college will not pay towards these costs.

All childcare funds are paid directly to your chosen Childcare provider, one week in arrears.

Funded Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) is available to all 3 and 4 year olds, and eligible 2 year olds. From August 2021, the entitlement will be 1140 hours per year (or 30 hours a week if taken term time).

You will be sent correspondence detailing the value and dates of payments, which will be available on your student portal.

If you are changing childcare provider during the college year, please contact the Student Funding team as early as possible to discuss how this may affect your claim.


Childcare award is based on the following household income. The student’s income is not taken into consideration.


£ per hour

£0 – £14,999


£15,000 - £19,999


£20,000 – £24,999


£25,000 – £29,999


£30,000 +


Please note: We may not be able to meet the full childcare payment. You will be responsible for meeting any additional cost.

 Evidence required


Childcare contract – this needs to include Name of provider, Childcare registration number, daily costs, days and times in which child attends.

P60 Covering April 2020 – March 2021  for partner

Council Tax Notification 2021 if  single person

Benefit Letter/screen shot of at least 6 Months Universal Credit award showing Name , Address and all elements awarded (this includes deductions)

ID for child – Birth Certificate, Passport, NHS medical card

HE level students  - SAAS Award letter – This can be downloaded from your SAAS portal

Childcare FAQs

The forms listed below are the main forms of documentation you will be asked to provide. Applications are assessed on an individual basis and other documents may be requested. Please see our Student Funding Application Form for more details.

  • ID
  • Proof of address e.g. bank statement
  • Childcare contract
  • Children's birth certificates
  • Tax Credit Award
  • P60 for partner
  • Council Tax Notification if parent is a person
  • Benefit Letter/screen shot of Universal Credit award
  • 3 months' bank statements
  • SAAS award notice

We have a discretionary fund which is for help with childcare. You have to have applied for every other support fund you are entitled to before you can put an application in for this.

​No, the contract is between the parent and the childcare provider and we cannot help towards this cost.​

Where appropriate we will do this but not to places that are only open during term-time.​

Yes, any other childcare support already being claimed will be deducted prior to granting an award.​

You should be able to print these out, as long as we can see that they are your bank statements e.g. have you name and account number on them then it will be ok for us to accept these. They cannot be exported to excel format.​