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Yes, it will be safe to reopen for the new academic year, based on the Scottish Government’s guidance. The Scottish Government has planned out how all sectors of Scottish society can begin to move on from lockdown and return to (near) normal life in a planned, phased and safe basis. This guidance is based upon the most up to date information available, including the assessment of the risks surrounding

COVID-19 and the risks associated with living in lockdown. The College is and will continue to follow the official guidance available.

All courses will have an element of remote learning and in many cases the majority of classes will be online for the first few weeks following official guidance.

We are currently working on timetabling for all courses and will confirm this with you as soon as we can.

Once you have been issued with your timetable, we will do our best not to make any changes to it. However, we may need to make changes based on Scottish Government’s guidance. Any changes will be communicated with you directly prior to your course starting. We will also work with you to ensure that any caring responsibilities or commitments are taken into consideration, so that we can support you with your learning.

We understand how challenging juggling everything is going to be for parents and carers. For those where alternative childcare is not available, curriculum staff will be as flexible as possible to enable you to learn or attend college at different times.

Your tutors will work through the best options with you once timetables and school attendance patterns are known.

Your course funding will start from the start date for your course and continue as normal. We will ensure that the updated course dates are incorporated into funding arrangements – so you don’t need to do anything extra.

Travel expenses will only be paid if you are required to travel to College and will be paid as and when you need this.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your funding, please get in touch with the Funding Team who are available online to help you.

We are looking at ways that we can continue to give you the chance to gain valuable work experience as part of your course. For many courses that include a placement we have revised the course structure and are looking to reschedule placements.

Again, to ensure your safety these placements will only take place following the appropriate guidance.

As you would expect, discussions with SQA and other awarding bodies have been focused on students who have been studying this year (2019-20). Discussions are now focusing on students studying with us next year (2020-21) and around the need to recognise the disruption to learning. There are no outcomes from these discussions yet, but we will work together to ensure that appropriate measures are developed to reflect the challenging situation we’re in.

The College is following Scottish Government guidance on arrangements for Test and Support. This guidance doesn’t currently require routine College-based Covid-19 testing as part of our reopening activities, but if this guidance changes then testing will be put in place as needed.

Appropriate PPE will be provided for practical subject areas where risk assessments have shown they are required (such as Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Engineering, Science, Hospitality and Construction). Subject specific training will be given to students on Covid-19 and measures put in place in line with the specific guidance for the different industry sectors.

We will be asking all students, staff and visitors to comply with the official guidance on social distancing and handwashing whilst on Campus.

If you are shielding please follow the official shielding/isolation guidance. If you have any questions regarding shielding and your studies, please contact your named contact or a member of the Guidance Team.

The UK Government has implemented a period of 14 days self-isolation for anyone returning to the UK. If you plan to travel abroad once the travel restrictions are lifted, you will need to self-isolate for 14 days prior to returning to College Campuses.

The Scottish Government Route Map guidance outlines four phases for moving from lockdown, with lower restrictions and a move towards near normal activities growing with each phase. These guidelines currently anticipate that Phase 1 will start at the beginning of June 2020, with Phase 2 following over the summer, and Phase 3 being reached in August 2020. Phase 4 is estimated at some point over the remained of the current calendar year. Please note though that these timings are subject to change depending upon the scientific evidence and official guidance.

We will continue to keep you updated as and when any changes/updates occur.

College staff are available to support you and answer any questions or talk through any concerns you may have, so please get in touch so we can help.

Wellbeing and Support Teams


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  • It is natural to feel apprehensive when starting something new but rest assured that the majority of students will be in the same boat as you. Our teaching and support staff are experienced in bringing groups together and offering opportunities for class bonding and developing relationships within the group.  This year, it looks likely that the first few weeks will take place through online learning which will give you a chance to meet your classmates and begin to build relationships with them before you see each other face to face. Some classes also develop social media groups and group chats which help to establish support and communication between students.

If you are a current student, I would advise that you get in touch with your lecturers to ascertain which units you have completed.

Regarding timetabling, this is not yet available, however please note as soon as we are aware of the days you will be on campus, we will let you know. We appreciate your patience, as you can understand we need to adhere to government guidelines which at this time are changing regularly

  • In some instances, you may be offered a place on an alternative course which is suited to the qualifications you have but if this is not possible, our Admissions and Guidance teams will be available to help find the right course for you.  If you wish, you can email and we can check the status of your student record or make an appointment for you to discuss course entry requirements.
  • If you wish to make any changes to your personal details, please get in touch so we can update these for you.  College records allow you to select a preferred name which will be used.
  • While some communication will take place via phone and text, the preferred method used by the college is through email, especially while we continue to work remotely.  If you are having difficulty accessing an old email address, you can contact registry at to register a new one with us so that you do not miss any correspondence.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide such details at this time as the college need to adhere to government guidelines and timetabling has not been set.  If you applied for Kirkcaldy, this will be the campus you will be based at, unless you discussed at the time of interview an option to change campus.  If you wish we can look into this further, please email

  • If you are unsure about which course to choose, it is best to arrange an appointment with our guidance team who will be able to support you with planning your progression, finding the most suitable options and making the most of the funding available to you.
  • Please can you contact so we can check the status of your student record and update you accordingly.
  • At this time we are adhering to government guidelines and the college is not open. However once we have this information we will be informing all students so please keep checking the website and social media.
  • The student portal is found through our website under the “Students” section. Further details on how to access this will be sent to you over the coming months and will be fully explained during induction week (21-28 August).
  • We have Clearing Days on 4th and 5th August which can help you look at different options.


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  • Yes, Inclusion would support students who are impacted by mental health in their learning. This would be done on an individual basis after a discussion to find the most relevant support for them. This may include study support, note taking, peer mentoring and/ or use of assistive technology dependant on which was most appropriate.
  • Support from school to college would continue if after a discussion with a student advisor it was decided this was appropriate, how the support would be offered would be determined on an individual basis after the discussion.
  • Support online maybe offered either by email, video chat, shared screen and/ or by telephone. This could include study support, note taking and/ or assistive technology. This would be determined on an individual basis and according to the subject matter.
  • Where videos are used in teams, there is an option for everyone to switch captions on. This would be good practice. If videos are then saved from the live feed then they should have appropriate captioning added onto them when they are placed online. Transcriptions may also be requested. Emails, and chats on teams may also be used in place of phone calls, allowing the students to read the text. All of this support can be determined on an individual basis.
  • You would contact you student advisor and request a review. They would then set up an online meeting or call to add any additional information to a PLSP. Every returning student will be requested to fill in a consent to share form, which allows the PLSP to continue to the next year, the need to add new information can also be indicated on the form.
  • The support is the same as is offered to those with a formal diagnosis. It will be offered on an individual basis after a short interview with a student advisor. A couple of short assessments maybe carried out in order to determine exactly where the support would be best placed to offer the best support possible. This may include study support, note taking, the use of assistive technology. There is a wide range of support available.

  • Yes the inclusion team can offer to help with strategies for concentration. The support offered will be determined on an individual basis after a discussion with a student advisor. This can include using assistive technology, working together to determine strategies for staying on track, it may also include prompting if this is deemed necessary.
  • You can contact inclusion by emailing
  • Yes, you would be offered a short meeting with a student advisor which would look at which parts of writing are difficult. There may then be a short assessment which would show whether it was spelling, hand writing or anything else that was the main issue. This would allow the student advisor to tailor the support correctly. This maybe help with note taking, study support, the use of assistive technology depending on what seemed to offer the best support for the individual student.

Care and Social Sciences

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  • If you can please email with your student details we can check the status of your student record.
  • Regarding placements, you may have watched the virtual event which is available on the website which discussed placements and the delays on these happening.  My advice would be, at induction, contact your lecturers to ask this question, apologies they are now off for the summer break.
  • At this time there is no access to Fife College, however as you can appreciate the government guidelines are changing on a regular basis.  If you are required to ascertain any books this would be on the college website for the course or will be informed at induction.
  • At this time we are unable to advice of placements, however if you wish to go to the college website and view the virtual event by clicking ‘watch on demand’ and select the relevant curriculum you may find there is discussion from managers around placements.

From the college website, each course advises of progression routes,  you can also check the UCAS website which provides valuable information for example

I was told I will most likely be one of few male students, will this be true?

Regarding students within the college, regarding age, gender, society is every changing and there is a wide range of diversity in each curriculum, at this time we are unable to advise of who will be in each class. If you feel you would like to discuss this further or have any concerns, please email

  • Concerning the collection of PPE etc, we do not have this information available, however please note we will be in touch as soon as we do.  In the meantime, I would advise ensuring that the college have the correct contact details for yourself, you can email
  • This is an excellent course that offers routes into a range of degree courses, employment, and vocational training. It focuses on the systematic study of people and society. It also aims to develop transferable skills including communication, analytical ability and the handling of complex information. Please find attached link for more information and progression routes

Creative Industries

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  • Regarding the courses the college offer, yes we do cover degrees If you wish to discuss any courses please feel free to email
  • Regarding social distancing as the government guidelines are changing on a regular basis, at this time I can only advise that due to constant changes, that we will provide this information at your induction.
  • Regarding restrictions, as the government guidelines are changing on a regular basis, at this time I can only advise that due to constant changes, that we will provide this information at your induction.
  • At this time we cannot provide such specific details of your timetable as these are still being organised.  You will be provided this information at your induction or sooner if we can, however we need to adhere to government guidelines and at this time they are regularly changing.  Please can you ensure that we have your email and mobile number correct, you can email for this to be checked.
  • The college will be in touch regarding payments for such items, at this time this is still being organised as you can appreciate, we need to be adhering to government guidelines.
  • At this time, we cannot provide details of timetable as you can appreciate these are still being organised and amended in line with government policies.  My advice would be to apply for the course, as most courses are 16 hours per week and most of our students also have part time employment.  If you wish to discuss your options further you can email

Developed in partnership with Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, the new BA (Hons) Creative Enterprise will equip you with the practical skills and expertise you need to transform your creative passion and talent into a sustainable freelance career.  If you wish to discuss this course further you can email

  • So we can assist you further, please can you email with your student details.

Business, Enterprise and Accounting

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  • At the moment social distancing rules do not allow is to incorporate trips onto our courses but this will be reviewed in line with Scottish Government advice.
  • Classes sizes will be reviewed in accordance with social distancing guidelines. There are no current plans to deliver this course in Kirkcaldy but we are developing alternative delivery arrangements such as online lectures, recorded lectures and workshops, online activities etc to enhance your learning.
  • The HND Courses covers a range of economic topics from factors of production, supply and demand, government policies, Micro and Macro policies, World economic strategies such as trade deals, protectionism and economic advantage amongst others. There are delivered in 3 units over the course.
  • 31st August, it is our current plan to start all delivery online due to current social distance rules but we are developing alternative delivery arrangements such as online classes, recorded lectures and workshops, online activities etc to enhance your learning.
  • No you do not have to buy them, these can be stored in the college lockers.
  • This course covers Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Using bookkeeping packages, Payroll, Economics, using IT in Accounting, Communication and other key skills required in this sector.
  • This is 3 courses.  Admin covers office skills, Microsoft packages, communication, digital skills, marketing and others.  Business covers marketing, management, economics. Accounting, ICT and other key skills. Legal services covers, Scots law, Family Lay, Commercial Law, Business, Legal Research and other key legal skills.
  • An important introduction to your course, the tools required for the course, our wide ranging support services, the subjects you will study, different types of support and other key information to assist you in your studies.
  • Please contact and they will pass you to the best person to speak with you to assist you in your course choice