My name is Chay Blyth, I am the owner here at Fife Auto Tech Limited, specialising in Volkswagen and Audi. I started my time as a full-time student, similar to what my colleague Coll did, then I moved onto the Apprenticeship Programme through Fife College, at that time, based at Babcock.

I worked my way through the four year programme and went into dealership. I got some training which led me to specialising in this area. After COVID I decided to open my own business which started off in Thornton and moved to where we are now since November last year. We have now progressed into our business that we have today along with two apprentices. Coll is nearly finished with his qualification and Chris has started with us as an apprentice.

Benefits for us to have an apprentice is we get to train them up for what we are looking for in how we work and making sure things are done right, specifically diagnostic jobs. It is easier to take someone new and train them how we want the job to be done than it is hiring someone that obtains that experience already. We may want operations ran differently to how they are used to doing it, therefore training an apprentice is the perfect opportunity to mould them into how we want them to become. Once an apprentice is trained, we look to hire them as master technicians for diagnosing cars.