My name is Coll Izatt, I am 25 years old, and I am currently a Modern Apprentice IMI Level 3 with Fife College and I work at Fife Auto Tech which is as close to my dream job as I could get, and is also local to where I am. The work I do can vary from anything from a service on a one-year-old car to turbos, stripping old cars and more.

I started my MA before COVID and have done two years full time at Fife College before starting here. It was from the help of my lecturer I found this experience as they taught the owner, Chay, at Fife College also.  It has been a great opportunity, mainly working on cars as I don’t have to go to the college as much anymore because I have done all the book work in the first three years.

I have been nominated for the IMI Apprentice of the year Award which means I get to go to London. I also got to do the IMI World Skills last year which was great fun and a great experience!