Are you afraid of AI and using it in the workplace? What if you learnt that you were already using AI in your every day life? Join us for a lively and engaging workshop that is designed to remove the fear-factor from using and exploring the benefits of AI – both for personal; and at work.

  • Awareness​ of AI
    • Define AI and its relevance in various industries​
    • Address common myths, fears and misconceptions about AI​
  • Desire & Knowledge​
    • Benefits of AI  - Efficiency​
    • Benefits of AI - Innovation​
  • Ability & Reinforcement​
    • Importance of Continuous Learning and Skill-Building in AI
  • 2 Hours, Virtual Delivery 
  • Apprehension of using or learning about AI.
  • Must have stable internet connection.
  • Once this course is completed, you may progress to technical AI courses where you will learn how to use these programs in every day life.