This IOSH course, which is exclusive to Fife College Training and Development, will give candidates an excellent understanding of risk assessment.

Knowledge and understanding

  • This one-day course is delivered at Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline
  • A short practical and multiple choice exam is required

The course is designed to allow candidates from any workplace to understand the legal requirements for risk assessment and apply a simple methodology for carrying out risk assessments.

You will learn how to use risk rating to quantify risk levels, apply a hierarchy of control to ensure a safe workplace and complete a risk assessment. The course will also introduce you to the concept of dynamic risk assessment which is a useful tool to control risk where work of a fixed nature is not carried out.

Any employer who wants to meet their legal requirement to have suitable and sufficient risk assessments will find this course gives them assessors capable of this through training accredited by IOSH, the world’s biggest professional health and safety organisation.

This course covers:

  • The concept of risk management and risk assessment
  • The meaning of the terms risk assessment, hazard, risk and reasonably practicable
  • Acceptable levels of risk
  • The moral, legal and financial argument for managing risk
  • What laws are relevant to risk assessment
  • How to use the five steps to risk assessment approach
  • The process of dynamic risk assessment
  • How to complete a risk assessment
  • No formal entry requirements
  • £185

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