The aim of the course is to enable you to understand the tools available in Excel to present data graphically. The course covers a variety of options that Excel can give you to display summarised data in a Dashboard.

  • Creating charts
  • Formatting Charts
  • Using a variety of chart types
  • Dashboard Creation and design
  • Overview of 3D mapping

Chart Creation

  • Choose the best chart type for your data
  • Recommended Charts
  • Insert a Chart from Cell ranges
  • Insert a Chart from a Table
  • Create a chart sheet
  • Change Chart type
  • Move Charts

Chart Formatting

  • Using Chart Styles
  • Changing Theme colours
  • Add chart elements
  • Filter Charts
  • Create a Chart template

Mapping Data (Office 365)

  • Plot geographical data as a Map
  • Filled Maps
  • Map formatting options

Dashboard Creation and design

  • Display summarised data on a Summary sheet (Dashboard)
  • Use the GETPIVOTDATA function
  • Use Sparklines
  • Apply Conditional formatting with Icons, Data Bars or Colour scales
  • Using Functions to make charts dynamic
  • Use Form controls to make charts dynamic
  • Using the Camera tool

3D mapping overview

  • What data is required?
  • Create a 3D map
  • Visualise your data
  • Change the look of your 3D map
  • 1 day trainer led or virtual.
  • A knowledge of Tables, Named Ranges, Conditional Formatting, using Functions is recommended.
  • £195