This course, which is exclusive to Fife College Training and Development, will give you an excellent understanding of how to manage contractors to ensure the safety of clients’ and contractors’ staff, and control client organisation's legal liability.

Manage contractors

  • This one-day course is delivered at Carnegie Conference Centre. A short multiple choice exam is required

Any organisation which uses contractors will find this course an invaluable tool in helping them to understand the civil and criminal law implications presented when using contractors.

The course content will additionally ensure that you can apply a practical five step approach to effectively manage contractors to ensure client organisations they are complying with their legal duties.

You can be assured that you will receive relevant and up to date information to ensure you can fulfil your responsibilities thanks to the accreditation of the course by IOSH, the world’s biggest professional health and safety organisation.

After completing the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the civil and criminal implication for client organisations when engaging contractors and apply strategies to ensure compliance
  • Understand the common types of contract used and the level of liability pursuant to each type of contract
  • Understand and apply a five-step approach to managing contractor safety
  • Be able to ensure through contract management the health and safety of people
  • No formal entry requirements
  • £200

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