If you have previously achieved the SVQ Unit as part of the SVQ 3 Social Services and Healthcare Award, you may choose to undertake the remaining PDA unit for Continuous Professional Development purposes.

Administration of Medication (F9D9 34)

This unit has been designed to provide you with the knowledge required to prepare for, administer and monitor the effects of medication on individuals. It will enable understanding of how to record, store and dispose of medicines correctly. In addition, you will learn about adverse reactions and how to respond to emergency situations.

  • Outcome 1: Understand the procedures and principles of medicine management

You will look at the role of care principles and values in giving consideration to the rights and expectations of the individuals you support. You will consider these rights in relation to consent to treatment, care planning, risk assessment and protection from harm. You will look in detail at the SSSC codes of practice and the National Care Standards for your area of care and learn the importance of accurate up–to–date medication recording and reporting.

  • Outcome 2: Describe the signs and symptoms of adverse reactions to medication

You will learn about adverse reactions including allergic reactions and the appropriate action to take in these circumstances. You will also study infection control and hygiene, and how to minimise, manage, and prevent risk before, during and after administering medication. You will look at types of physiological measurements and the role these play in assisting in your monitoring of individuals.

  • Outcome 3: Explain the principles of safe administration of medication

You will learn about types of medication, dosage, routes of administration, timing and frequency, preparation of medication, equipment for the safe administration of medication, disposal of unused medicines and medication errors. You will also learn about the areas of refusal to take medication, and the use of covert medication through gaining an understanding of legislation, policy guidelines and procedures which inform good practice.

The assessment for this unit will take the form of a case study in which you will refer to your own work practice in administering medication to individuals and identify, describe and explain the knowledge you have gained in each of the outcomes.

Administer Medication to Individuals (DK2X 04)

In order to achieve the PDA, you will also need to have successfully completed the practical SVQ Unit: Administer Medication to Individuals DK2X 04 (HSC375/CHS3).

You will be observed by a SVQ assessor who will observe your practice in relation to the SVQ unit. 

  • Your job role will involve you in administering medication in social services and related settings