The course builds on the relevant experiences and outcomes for the technologies and health and wellbeing curriculum areas.

It enables candidates to participate in engaging, motivating learning experiences, to develop cookery-related knowledge, understanding and skills, and to use them at home, in the wider community and, ultimately, in employment.

The course develops candidates’ abilities to actively participate in the work of the class, develop awareness of issues affecting society, such as sustainability of produce, take on organisational tasks, effectively share their views with others and support their peers whenever appropriate.

  • Using food preparation techniques and cookery processes in the preparation of dishes
  • Understanding and demonstrating knowledge of the importance of food safety and hygiene and its application in the practical context
  • Selecting, weighing, measuring and using appropriate ingredients to prepare and garnish or decorate dishes
  • Understanding and demonstrating knowledge of the characteristics of a range of ingredients, and their function in a practical context
  • Understanding and demonstrating knowledge of the importance of sourcing sustainable ingredients
  • Understanding and demonstrating knowledge of current dietary advice relating to the use of ingredients
  • Following recipes in the preparation of dishes and carrying out an evaluation of the product
  • Planning, costing, organisational and time management skills in a cookery context
  • Producing, portioning and presenting dishes appropriately
  • The course, which is practical and experiential in nature, develops a range of cookery skills and food preparation techniques, as well as planning, organisational and time management skills, in hospitality-related contexts. Through its emphasis on safety and hygiene, the course instils in candidates an understanding of the need to follow safe and hygienic practices in many cookery contexts. It also develops the thinking skills of remembering, understanding and applying, and aspects of numeracy.


  • Candidates will enhance their cookery skills, food preparation techniques and ability to follow cookery processes in the context of producing dishes. Candidates’ knowledge and understanding of ingredients, and their characteristics, will be developed. The importance of sustainability, responsible sourcing of ingredients and current dietary advice are also addressed. Candidates develop planning, organisational and time management skills by following recipes; and by planning, producing and costing dishes and meals.


  • They also extend their ability to carry out an evaluation of prepared dishes. Throughout the course, candidates develop their understanding of safety and hygiene when working with ingredients as well as the importance of following safe and hygienic practices at all times in a practical context
  • This course is designed for those who are interested in food and cooking and who enjoy being creative with food. Learners who have chosen to follow it may wish to utilise their cookery knowledge and skills at home, in the wider community or, ultimately, in the hospitality industry.
  • Higher National Certificate
  • Dates and Locations
  • Dates as per SCP calendar
  • Location Fife College Halbeath Campus, Monday and Wednesday afternoons.