Working for us

The College uses equality data to understand our workforce profile, this enables us to identify areas of strength and vulnerability and eliminate any adverse impact on equality. Allowing us to target and support areas of under-representation, enables positive action interventions and, by compiling trend data, helps inform future planning and policies. Effective monitoring and use of the data also signals to staff and potential job applicants that the College is committed to equality and to supporting a diverse workforce, which contributes to the raising of our profile as an inclusive College.

Disclosing your Protected Characteristics

All information that could be used to identify candidates or to make decisions based on their Gender, Age, Sexual Orientation, Religious Belief, Disability, Ethnicity or Nationality will be removed from the application form supplied to the recruiting manager. Once a candidate has been appointed this information will be stored within the HR System and can only be accessed by the individual and Human Resources.

When candidates are selected for an interview, they will be asked when confirming their interview slot if there is any support the College can put in place to enable the candidate to participate in the selection process. This could range from alternative access to the building to having specific software available for skills tests. If there is something that will enable you to participate in the selection process, please do not be afraid to ask.

Fife College takes its moral and legal responsibilities on Inclusion seriously

Fife College takes its moral and legal responsibilities on Inclusion seriously. We are committed to the elimination of all discrimination, advancing equality of opportunity and fostering good relations among all people. Contact s We welcome all feedback. If you have any comments or enquiries regarding Equality and Diversity, please email