My name is Billy, I am 27 years old and I studied HND Travel and Tourism. I was originally working in a shop and I decided that I wanted to do something completely different. The skills that I had developed, such as sales and customers service, helped me make the decision to study something I could transfer over to a new career. When I started looking through the Fife College prospectus, Travel and Tourism was something that really stood out for me because it was an exciting opportunity and was something a bit different. 

The course helped me immensely because it gave me experience in all of the job roles that I have previously done. I started off as a holiday rep for TUI, and from there I worked my way up through other various roles in the airport. This included security, ground operations and I now work in cabin crew with Jet2. From the course and my experience, I have had the opportunity to work in these segments within the tourism industry. Cabin crew has been my favourite, however I wanted to travel the world and explore before I became based in Edinburgh. This is what influenced me when I was young to take the holiday rep opportunity first. 

One of my favourite things about the course was the lecturers and the people. It is great to see that the people I have studied all the way through with are now working at the airport. Some work in cabin crew and some are security in the airport. The friendly atmosphere that we had when we were studying at college is something that really carried on through to the actual job role itself.

I recommend the course because it prepares you for what to expect in the industry and in the job roles. It give you a real taster of what you need to do to prepare for your dream career. It also helps you understand and prepare the tools and knowledge that are required for you to succeed. 

My ambitions now are to work hard with Jet2 and progress my way through the ranks. I aim to get a trainer position somewhere down the line as that is something I am quite passionate about. Due to my background in Travel and Tourism I think it would be great to inspire new people to enjoy the job and chase their goals.