I'm Joyce and at the age of 73 I graduated with a Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) in Social Services for Children and Young People.

I started the course in September 2019 and shortly afterwards I was taken into hospital with pneumonia. By the time I got out, Covid had reared its ugly head and I had to shield for practically the remainder of the year, but between the support of my assessor and my husband, I got there in the end.

When I started I thought I was too old for College, but my teachers kept telling me that there's no age limit to education. You're learning forever if you want to, so that's why I decided to continue with the course and I also passed, thank goodness!

My family are so proud of me, and I'm proud of myself too because it was really hard work getting here.

But I loved my time at the college. I think there were seven assessments in total and when I got the last one back and I'd passed, I thought, you know, it's been worthwhile.

I started the course as part of my personal development for my role as pupil support worker and am now considering other qualifications that might help me in my career.