I’m Rebecca and I’m 23 years old. I became interested in travel and tourism at school. Everyone else knew what they wanted to do but I wasn’t hugely sure. I knew that I didn’t want to do to university and I loved holidays so I thought a career in that area would be perfect for me and college was an easy option into getting into that kind of industry. 

The course at Kirkcaldy campus was amazing. The travel and tourism lecturers were lovely. All the students built a really good rapport and that’s carried on into the airport. A lot of us work there and there are friendly faces everywhere. When we were in the classes day-to-day, we got a realistic insight as to what your day would be like at work. So, we would learn for example how to check someone in, how to deal with customers and how to deal with complaints. And we carried that into a cabin role too so you got a taste of everything and that made us think what we would prefer to do when we were in the industry.  

When I was at college, I applied for a job at Jet2, working as a ground operator, which involved checking in, boarding and security. I did that for two years and I made some really good friends there and really enjoyed it. The HND course helped me hugely with that and made the training much more straight forward and gave me more knowledge before I went into the training about what to expect.  

Then roles came up as cabin crew and I thought I’d try it because Jet2 really encourage you to move around in different roles within the company and that was kind of always the end goal. We had a four-week training period and again that mirrored what we’d done at college. 

My ambitions for the future are to remain in travel and tourism, and I don’t think I’d ever want to do anything different. It’s the kind of career that you can do for such a long period of time. There are so many different paths you can go down. I absolutely love working for Jet2 and I would love to move up in the company and move around and do different things, maybe work abroad. The options are unlimited!