This course will provide the underpinning knowledge to enter the renewable energy industry as a Modern Apprentice or as a trainee whilst the accompanying PEO qualification will provide the workshop / hand skills essential for a career in the renewable energy industry.

The course will run over two 18-week semesters with the National Certificate (theory) component delivered over 12 hours per week in class and the Performing Engineering Operators component delivered in workshop classes of minimum 12 hours per week plus self study of up to 12 hours per week.

  • You will learn the underpinning knowledge required to work in the renewable energy industry, including core mathematical, communication and IT skills as well as a variety of workshop / hand skills required to work in the industry.



  • This is a one-year full time course, run over four days per week.
  • You will study 12 theory units which together make up the NC component. These will include units on core skills including mathematics, communications and IT plus a range of engineering systems and electrical and mechanical units.
  • The PEO element will comprise three core PEO units as well as a range of workshop skills on engineering assembly and maintenance techniques



  • Minimum three National 5s which must include Mathematics, and Physics or a Technical subject at Grade C or above.
  • It may be possible for candidates with appropriate experience (in lieu of qualifications) to gain entry.
  • Further study may be possible at HNC level in Mechanical, Electrical or Systems Engineering, although a top-up Mathematics (Tech 2) unit would be preferred.
  • Modern Apprentice or trainee in renewable energy industry.
  • You will require a calculator, pens, pencils and paper as well as a protractor.
  • Entry will be via completed application form and interview (which may be in person or by telephone or online).