Culinary Arts and Hospitality have seen steady growth in recent years, leading to new and exciting career opportunities for those who have the drive and skills to get into these industries.

Studying professional cookery, or culinary arts as it is also known, allows you to work with industry experts and award-winning lecturers that have the skills and dedication to support you every step of the way. 

And, as culinary arts departments are always so busy and vibrant, you’ll have the opportunity to get actively involved with events, including charity events. This is a fantastic way to consolidate your learning and test your skills – all in a live environment.

All college courses are delivered in purpose-built training kitchens and bistro facilities. And, in some cases, Culinary Arts and Hospitality students run the refectory services for the entire campus!

Whatever your dream career is, there are wonderful opportunities on offer if you have the skills, knowledge and determination to succeed – as well as the right qualification.

Is a career in Food and Drink for you?

The Food and Drink industry is very varied, and definitely diverse. It offers you the opportunity to find your dream career, while also being able to develop broad skills that will benefit you no matter what speciality is right for you.

A career in Culinary Arts and Hospitality is ideal for you if…

...You love being creativeEvery chef starts out with a love of food and the inclination for innovation and creation. Then they work up from there, going over the same recipes time and time again until they have mastered them. The thing that marks chefs out from other professionals is that, for chefs, the work only really begins after they can recreate a dish perfectly.

Food is one of the simplest pleasures, but that doesn’t mean the process is simple. It’s being able to experiment with and add their own twists to recipes that customers love. It’s being able to set free their creativity on the mundane and commonplace and transform them into sophisticated and elegant showstoppers.

To do this, chefs require a lot of specialist knowledge of cooking techniques and food combinations. If you already like trying new things and perfecting your recipes, being a chef could be a very rewarding career for you....You flourish working in the buzz of a busy environment

While you’re sure to find a career in professional kitchens incredibly rewarding, you will find it never involves having your feet up!

During a service, chefs have a lot to deal with. They deal with multiple dishes at any one time, and work to time pressures constantly. They move from task to task both individually and as part of the wider team.

If you are someone who thrives in a busy environment and can handle pressure, professional cookery could be the perfect industry to test yourself in....Would enjoy having the chance to make people’s day every day

As much as working in Food and Drink is hard work, it is also incredibly rewarding.

At its most simple, working in a kitchen is about presenting your very best food to each diner. If this is done well, it has the potential to make a customer’s day and put a big smile on their face.

This is a great reward in itself – but so is the knowledge that that customers will most likely recommend your place of work, and your food, to others.

If you are able to find satisfaction in the happiness of others, working in a kitchen is the perfect place to make this a reality.

...Feel gratification knowing that you’ve done a job well

Working in a kitchen can involve a lot of hard work and long hours. This can put a lot of people off. But, if you are someone who enjoys the feelings of exhilaration and accomplishment that comes with leaving a shift at the end of the day having given your all, it can be very worthwhile.

What careers could I pursue?

Bakery and Patisserie

The art of making bread and dough products is one that will allow you to further specialise in areas such as artisan breads, cake decoration, or sweets and desserts.

Pastry chefs usually get to carry out their work with a level of creative expression that other professions are not afforded.

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Professional Cookery

Many people love food, and fortunately, some turn that love into a career. The focus of professional cookery is on developing your restaurant food production and dish presentation skills, as well as the supervisory techniques you’ll need to make it as a head chef.

During your studies, you’ll get the chance to run your own restaurant menu event and really experience what it is like to be a head chef in a professional kitchen.

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Hospitality boasts enormous scope for variety in the work you can do, and in the skills you develop. This allows you to grow as a person as well as a professional.

You’ll also be able to advance your career in a number of ways; provided you have the qualifications to get there, and work hard.

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