8 October 2021 

A set of free skills boost courses on offer at Fife College could help those affected by the end of the furlough scheme according to Vice-Principal Dorothee Leslie.

The £66 billion pound job support system set-up by the UK Government at the beginning of the pandemic ended on the 30th of September, leaving many people in Fife unsure about the future of their job.

In response to the economic problems caused by the pandemic, Fife College set up a series of targeted skills boost courses across a variety of different areas to help people in the region to quickly upskill and reskill.

The courses are offered across a variety of key industry sectors where there are jobs available, such as digital and cyber security, hospitality and automotive engineering.

There are courses in business, numeracy and also the opportunity to learn more about achieving a circular economy and protecting our environment in a waste management course.

With all of the courses available for free, the College hopes anyone whose role has been affected by the end of the furlough scheme will consider taking part in them to improve their job prospects.

Dorothee Leslie, Vice-Principal, Academic Strategy at Fife College said:

“The end of the furlough scheme has been a landmark event in the timeline of this pandemic, and I know it has left many worried about the future of their employment.

“At Fife College we want to provide all the help we can to those who are worried about their job, or looking for a career change, by helping them to upskill and reskill quickly.

“That’s why we’ve designed these free, short-term, skills boost courses that can quickly provide a helping hand to anyone’s career.

“We’re offering them across a variety of different industry sectors and they are designed to provide relevant qualifications that can help get those studying with us back into the world of work.

“Several of them are totally flexible as well, meaning they can be easily fitted around any current work commitments or childcare.

“We’re confident that these courses could make a significant difference to those who study with us and help them to transform their career.”