This course is aimed at enabling you to develop the key skills of communicating and understanding.

Recognition of the personal, academic, and vocational value of English study in the curriculum is widespread, and this course will enable you to develop your understanding of English Language and Literature.

  • You will develop complex language skills allowing you to engage with and to process detailed and complex ideas, opinions, information, language forms and use, and to increase your ability to learn with independence.  
  • Talking, writing, reading and listening skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Analysis and evaluation
  • 36 weeks
  • Three or four hours per week
  • This class is generally offered as an evening class (one evening per week).
  • This course entails studying a variety of written texts such as newspapers, essays, poetry, and prose
  • You will also create a folio of writing
  • National 5: English at Grade C or above
  • NC: Communication Level 5 
  • Higher: English at Grade D or above
  • A Higher in a subject that requires high levels of reading and essay writing such as History, Modern studies or Psychology
  • Higher English is often an entry requirement to many advanced level courses
  • It may also help you to prepare for employment or further study in areas such as journalism, media, marketing, and advertising
  • Online application