Fife College: It Starts Here…

We are the College that supports and believes in you. We thrive to inspire and involve our students as best as we possibly can. With our support, we can guide you to the career you study and work hard for. We celebrate you all and encourage you to make the next step in your life with Fife College. 


What is it about Fife College that makes us stand out?

We tailor your needs around what you are studying and looking for. If something is more convenient for you, then we will encourage you to make that decision. For example, the mode of your studies; how local or easily accessible campuses are (also depending on which course you study); the course that you study and the facilities we offer.



Part Time Courses

Did you know, that you can do your daily routine and study out with your schedule? You can work full time and study with Fife College’s part time courses, including degrees. Often, students find part time is more convenient for them as opposed to full time as they can fit their studying out with class times and work times.

Full Time Courses

Full time allows you to dedicate most of your time to studying. Your timetable will include the times and days you are required to join your class and your studies should fit in out with these times too. 



Due to the current academic year starting, we are currently closing certain subjects, however there are classes still available to apply for now. Also, you may be required to study and learn from home due to our COVID guidelines. Some students can come into campus, but only if you are instructed to do so. 



In today’s day of age, we underestimate how valuable Business is within our culture. This area covers a wider range of topics that merge into one that could lead you into any job related to what you study. This subject is available to study at Halbeath and Kirkcaldy campus. 


Administration, IT and Legal Services

We also offer Administration, IT and Legal Studies. All of these courses cover a wide skill range and you will learn how to apply them all within a work environment. These courses aren’t necessarily merged (you can study either Administration, IT or Legal Services) however there are some options available where you can study more than one area; For example, Administration with IT. You can study these courses at Halbeath or Kirkclady campus. 



You can apply for Engineering courses in our Dunfermline, Levenmouth and Glenrothes campuses. Engineering can open many career opportunities for an individual studying it. At Fife College, we offer the life-like experience whilst you learn how to apply these techniques as you learn.


Police Studies

Do you want to make an impact in your society and make a difference? Then look no further. Police Studies is an important and invaluable industry to have a career in. This is available to study at Kirkcaldy and Halbeath. 


Tourism and Events

Our Tourism and Events courses are ran in Levenmouth and Kirkcaldy campus (however please note that when you apply, you may be studying online). Due to COVID we have had to change some of our Tourism and Events courses slightly, we have incorporated these areas within HN Administration and Information Technology and HN Business.


Why wait when your time is now?

Make sure you apply and get your place on your chosen course as soon as you can before all spaces are taken up!