Fife College offers loads of opportunities to continue studying and develop knowledge, understanding and practical skills to prepare you for employment.

It also provides an important link between school, university and employment.

Helping you prepare for your future career

  • Providing an alternative route to university
  • Allowing you to bridge the gap between school and university, preparing you for a higher level and different style of study
  • Providing a flexible and affordable way to achieve qualifications through defined progression routes
  • Working with industries and employers to develop relevant and meaningful courses to ensure you have the appropriate skills and qualifications for better employment opportunities and career development
  • Developing courses and qualifications that provide both the practical skills and the theoretical knowledge that an employer will be looking for 

Gain more than just qualifications

Studying at Fife College is a great way to gain qualifications and it can, and should, be so much more than that.

You will also have the opportunity to share ideas and views, meet interesting people and make new friends.

Your time at Fife College will encourage you to grow and develop confidence, initiative and independence that you can take forward into your life and future career.​

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