My name is Niamh Hogwood and I studied 3D Design. I struggled in high school as I much preferred to get into one subject at a time rather than a wide variety of different areas. So, I wanted to study a course at Fife College that I was interested in. When I came to the college, I started NC 3D Design, then progressed onto my HNC and then my HND. After I had completed the HND, I took the year off. Then I had discovered the BA (Hons) Creative Enterprise course offered by Fife College, so I then applied and successfully passed which helped me achieve what I had wanted to achieve. These courses from start to finish have been incredible and have taken me to my dream career.

Now I am a 3D designer for heritage buildings, ruins and other buildings that want to be developed. The degree course helped me to find what I wanted to do with my career and helped me progress the launch of my business. It also helped me learn what I had to apply within my business therefore helped me to prepare for the industry.

A couple of years ago, I won a Fife College scholarship to America which will be happening soon. When I won the scholarship, I was not expecting it at all. I cannot wait to go to America to learn all about their heritage buildings, architectural courses and education across there. The experience I will receive from this scholarship will help me work with others within my own business and throughout the industry.