Developed in partnership with Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, the new BA (Hons) Creative Enterprise will equip you with the practical skills and expertise you need to transform your creative passion and talent into a sustainable freelance career.

Drawing on the success of creative ‘hubs’ and ‘incubators’, this two-year multi-disciplinary programme is open to those who have successfully completed an HND in a range of creative industries subjects.

This inspiring and demanding course will give you the expertise to succeed in bringing your creative business to market. You'll learn enterprise and entrepreneurial skills and have your critical thinking sharpened to a fine point. 

You will develop:

  • Enterprise Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Marketing and Financial Management Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Critical Reflection Skills
  • Personal Motivation and Resilience
  • 1 Year Programme (BA degree), or
  • 2 Year Programme (BA (Hons) degree)


Year 1

  • Finance and Fundraising for Creative Start-ups
  • Industry Based Learning Project
  • Marketing and Promotion for Creative Practitioners
  • Producing Cultural Projects
  • Professional Practice Portfolio

Year 2

  • Advanced Professional Practice
  • Business, Law and Intellectual Property
  • The Entrepreneurial Opportunity
  • Creative Careers in Context
  • New Business Project

One of the Creative HND Awards (gained within 5 years of enrolling on the degree) listed below, with Graded Unit at A/B:

  • HND Jewellery
  • HND Sound Production
  • HND Radio and Podcasting
  • HND Fashion Design and Manufacturing
  • HND Photography
  • HND Visual Communications
  • HND Furniture
  • HND 3D Interior Design
  • HND Art & Design
  • HND 3D Computer Animation
  • HND Acting and Performance
  • HND Screen Production

You will also require a tutor reference (internal candidates will require a positive ILR), a strong portfolio and a personal statement.


Students can go on to further study in areas of:

  • Post-Graduate Qualifications in a range of specialist areas

There is a wide range of opportunities across a broad spectrum of employment opportunities for candidates undertaking this course.

In particulathis course will seek to support you in developing a sustainable careeas a creative freelancer.


Students will need to provide Portable File Storage e.g. Pen Drive and Stationery etc.

The creative works that we produce and consume reflect our individual identities, our local and national cultures and international trends. Our innovative and unique new BA (Hons) Creative Enterprise degree will help you examine these topics using rigorous academic discipline while you develop the entrepreneurial skills necessary to turn your creativity into a sustainable freelance career. By the time you graduate you will have transformed your creative passion into a viable creative enterprise.

  • Learn from staff with international enterprising business experience in the creative industries.
  • Study the way in which creative businesses grow, and develop the entrepreneurial skills to launch your own.
  • Continue to develop your professional practice alongside learning new skills in finance, marketing and design thinking. 
  • Learn in our specialist on-campus facilities including computing, digital design, jewellery, sound, film, post production, furniture, & art studios.
  • Complete a fully developed business plan instead of a dissertation for your honours project.


About The Course

On this course you’ll study how to turn your creative skills into a viable business. You’ll engage in deep critical thinking about creative enterprise, entrepreneurialism, culture and society as a whole. By graduation you will have developed the necessary knowledge, understanding and practical skillset to function effectively as a creative freelancer.

Following on from your HND, you will join a cohort of other students from a range of different disciplines, all of whom are keen to turn their creative practice into a career. In your first year you will focus on the key business skills that every freelancer needs: finance, fundraising, marketing, project management and teamwork. As you progress into your second year, the focus will shift to the environmental context in which you will be trying to establish your new creative business and you will explore cultural policy, creative careers, and design-led thinking. Instead of a dissertation this year will culminate with the development of a fully research business plan for your new creative enterprise. While the teaching is focused on creative entrepreneurialism, you will be expected to continue to develop your creative practice while you study. As such, you will have access to our specialist studios and equipment as well as the support and guidance of an experienced mentor.



Following your HND, you can opt to study for an honours degree over two years or an ordinary degree over one year. You will complete the range of modules each year as outlined.


Teaching, Learning and Assessment

You will be taught in lectures, seminars, group working and in practical workshops. We have superb on-campus resources including computing, digital design, jewel