My name is Courtney Haggart and the course I am studying is NC Architecture and Interior Design. The reason I chose this course is because I was quite interested in interior design.

By completing this course, I am hoping to further develop and enhance my skillset by learning as much as I possibly can. The reason that I picked Fife College is because it is a local college to me, I studied here previously, and it has always been a great experience.

My favourite part of the course is model making and the AUTOCAD content. With these skills you learn how to create interiors and exteriors on the computer and much more. It really allows you to gain a valuable experience for the industry you are looking to work in.

The best part about this course and coming to college is really building a rapport with classmates and learning through them as well as from the lecturers. 

After I have completed my NC, I want to study an HNC and Interior Design 3D and then go onto the HND qualification and hopefully secure employment within the interior design industry after my HND.