“I was put on the course by my employer.  John (my course lecturer) had developed the course with my manager and was agreed this course would be good for myself and several of my colleagues to help our career progression."

I am employed by SSE, and my job primarily involves building new electric and gas networks on new-building developments.”

“I found the distance learning challenging, however it was a good way to have your own drive and input to do the work. Although at times it was hard, it was very rewarding coming out the other end having completing the work, knowing that you have done this off your own back, it felt very good.

Having finished the course, I have spoken to my employer and recommended we continue to send our employees along, I believe this year 3 will start the course with potentially another joining shortly. We have also recommended the course to one of our sub-contractors as well, so hopefully they’ll be sending people along for the next academic year.”

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